Went to get my car alignment. Was told that my car needed at least $880.

worh of work on my car. Brake Pluse you did not screwed me due to I got another opinion and they did do my alignment and said my car was fine. Well let other people know how you do your business so they will not get screwed you have screwed one too many customers and this has to stop!!!!!

Than for sure you will not have customers go to our shop with my help. I will be spreading the word around to whomever and whatever

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There are shops that will do the work, but was that the best thing for your safety??? Get a third opinion before you do repairs, don't tell the second or third shop what the other shops told you, and then base your repair decision on three un biased opinions. Most reputable shops will do a free inspection for this type of work.....


Well lets hear the list of what was needed and what was not needed and the make model and year of vehicle and the reason why they stated the parts were needed?

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