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*** everyone, I don't generally post any reviews, but after my & my wife's experience with Brakes Plus at Southlands, I wanted to shred some lights. people be aware of their "UNETHICAL BUSINESS PRACTICES" we called up and booked appointment for changing oil, brake check etc. then we dropped our the vehicle to this facility where they didn't do anything to the vehicle for 2 hours then he (JOHN) called up and told that they need to test the... Read more

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So upset i just got my cooling fans changed out on monday its now Thursday and my car is overheating again and its smoking from the fans they claimed they repaired it and paying $413 for absolutely nothing i will never patronize this company ever again.

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Overcharged for something they broke in the first place. Took to a different shop fixed it for only half. Terrible customer service called me Hun to try to belittle me because I am a women. Never go to this awful shop. Treat me awful just because I am a women. Brighton Colorado shop. Read more

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I took my car to Brakes Plus on Alpharetta Hwy in Roswell Georgia. I asked them to fix the anti lock brakes because the light was on all the time. He took my car and came back an hour and a half later stated he didn't fix the anti locks and that I didn't need anti locks on my 2002 Dodge Caravan. Anti locking brakes was just there for no reason all. Then he charged me $113 for diagnostic reasons. He had my key so I had no choice but to pay. ... Read more

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Took my car in to have at least one hose that i was aware needed replaced. They checked it out, called me, and said it needed all hoses replaced as they were all cracked. They also said it needed the secondary pump replaced. When i went to pick car up shop was closed receipt was inside car. My mistake was i trusted they did what i asked them to and i had already paid for it over phone so i didnt bother to look at the receipt. Had left for a trip... Read more

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Brakes Plus and other chain store mechanics...Beware! I used to work in one so I have seen some shady stuff first hand. They just want to get you in and out as fast as they can and collect that hard earned cash from your wallet. I have used this Brakes Plus for 6 years for the things I couldn't do like alignments and the price is cheaper but you get what you pay for. I recently messed up my truck really bad which is a whole other story. At first... Read more

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Today we had an estimate given to us for the Third -- I repeat THIRD repair of our air conditioner in our car. Each estimate and repair bill was more than the previous one and the estimate we got today was a real piece of work. We were quoted $1,012.12 estimate total which breaks down as follows: $488.00 to replace a leaky compressor (which they missed the 2 previous times we had it in for service [which those of us unfortunate enough to have... Read more

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This place at federal Is bad they are worth less don't use this business Read more

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My wife took my truck to the location on Austin Bluffs and Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado about two weeks ago. When the truck was dropped off we asked for an oil change and the brakes to be replaced. She received a call that I needed new rotors, the drum brakes cleaned, and obviously the initial requests to be done. We agreed to all this and the pricing, and she told them she would be in at 12pm to pick up the truck. She showed up and... Read more

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Let me tell you something about this company. I took my car to BRAKES PLUS. I upper case this because if your car isn't broken by the time you get it back it will be. Please heed my warning. I took my car to BRAKES PLUS because there was steam coming off my motor just in front of the drivers front seat as well as a leak. I explained this to the service advisor. I could give names but I am not as little as these people. So I explain the problem... Read more

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