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I am just a *** lady, but my dad always had it in writing what they were to do no extras and a final cost before he started the job. Why would you agree to have all the work done and not know a cost. It would be like going to a hair salon and getting a haircut then afterwards having the hairdresser tell you it was $500.00. shame on you. Get a written estimate signed....make sure it states that... Read more

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We took our truck for a simple brake adjustment and $337 later for labor! I sat in the lobby and heard the manger tell three other customers the same story he told us, "worse case scenario ". I spoke to one and he was shocked at how much they got him for, over $500 and he just went in for front brakes! We will NEVER go to those sharks again. Add comment

I bought a Nissan Quest brand new in 2001 and now I have 97000 miles on it, on 6/30/2015 I had a miner issues with the brake and I toke it to Brake plus for service after some work they charged me $ 430 and gave me lifetime warranty but in 1/4/2016 I got the same problem then I toke my car again, after they checked my car then they gave me a new Estimate for $ 584.14, i know that was fishy... Read more

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I took two vehicles into Brakes Plus in the past 12 months. Never again. They have posted prices that let you select levels of service. Forget those. Despite assurances & promises it always ended up near $500. Machine your existing rotors? I believe I could drive a new car in there and they'd insist on replacing the rotors. I inspected my own rotors and was preparing to repair my own brakes,... Read more

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I am surprised to be writing this review because I usually have a positive attitude with the work done. Even though it is a little high priced its work I am unable to do myself. However, this time really got me. I took my car for a oil change and after leaving and on my way to work my car started smoking and getting hot? WTH? I have to wait till morning to have my car towed back to find out what... Read more

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Brakes Plus is our go to mechanic for basic auto service. We use them for our Hyundai, Neon, and Grand Caravan as well as for my mom's Ford Ranger. They change belts, fix brakes, change water pumps, and power steering pumps. For more major transmission work, we usually go to a more specialized shop. Brakes Plus does fine work and usually is very quick. It is true that the price mark-up for... Read more

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I took my car in to get my breaks replaced. We called and talked to Pat and he told us that if we brought in our own breaks it would cost $80 to replace them. We took the car in and left it overnight. The next morning my boyfriend called to see what was going on with the car. Rob (the worst employee you will ever have the misfortune of standing in the presence of) (btw I have had multiple issues... Read more

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You can buy MOOG parts - e.g. lower control arm with ball joint from O'Reillys for $149.00 retail x 2 left and right = $298.+ 9.2% tx - Breaks Plus charge $288.00 for same parts Left and right $576.00 + $340 labor. Huge mark-ups on all parts, belts, hoses etc. OEM replacement lower control arm with ball joint $29.81 each, left and right $$59.62+ $6.03 shipping. Brakes Plus parts and labor... Read more

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This company is nothing but thefts. if you have a complaint please notify your states Attorney General. They have cheated me to the tune of an estimate of 8,000 dollars and I have seem plenty of others on the net. do not use this company they will make things worst. Myself I have written the States Attorney General and the B. B. B. another their rating with the B.B.B is being investigated and... Read more

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They did more damage to both my cars. I've escalated to their manager, he asked me to go back, I did for one of my cars hoping they would redeem themselves. They said they fixed it but they lied and they didn't. It's not worth continuing to go back because of the fear of making it worse. Anyone reading this, DO NOT GO TO BRAKES. This is the brakes plus in the southland mall area in Colorado. I... Read more

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